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Garance Sayagh

Studio Sojourner was created in 2020 by Garance Sayagh, a female maker from the South of France. 

The studio is based at Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow, East London.

You can read her profile on their website here:

  • Garance undertook an intense cabinet-making course in Brussels for 4 years, from 2013-2017. This involved studying joinery, classic French furniture-making, French polishing and gilding.

  • Following a work opportunity, she moved to Beijing for a year in 2017, where she worked for a furniture workshop and design studio called Genworks Inc. That experience deepened her love for Asian joinery and allowed her to design and make bespoke pieces for expats from all over the world.

  • In 2018, Garance decided to settle in London. She kept learning on the job while designing her personal projects. She worked in the luxury and bespoke furniture business as well as on-site for joinery companies.

  • She now works freelance and makes the designs she drew for the past 6 years. The online shop is a collection of those projects and original designs that are related to her unique journey and her eco-conscious choices.

  • Garance is now regularly commisioned to undertake joinery projects or create bespoke, free-standing furniture for clients. She will guide you through the process by providing design ideas, site surveys and 3D renders to bring your vision to life.

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