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Built in Joinery options to add storage and value to your property

After a site survey and a long chat with the client, we create a 3D render of the space. The collaboration with our client allows us to establish the following :

1. Budget

2. Aesthetical and Practical Requirements

3. Materials

4. Finishes

5. Final design

Once the final design is approved by the client, we will send a quote for the project including the site fitting fees.

We build everything in our fully equiped workshop in Walthamstow. All other suppliers send us their final pieces so they can be fitted in advance on the joinery.

All the cabinets are dismantled to be transported safely through stairs and doors. Everything is re-assembled in-situ and boxed in to fit the space according to the set plan.

On Blackhorse Road, we will be delighted to show you our Workshop and Shop, introduce you to the maker and discuss your requirements in detail. Our Shop's items and previous comissions are good examples of samples such as woods, fabrics and leather and it will help you to visualise the initial concepts.

Fitted Joinery: Nos services
Fitted Joinery: Pro Gallery
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